When acquiring an existing building or constructing a new one, cost segregation is the way to go if you want to maximize your tax deductions from the acquisition.

Where else can you find a return on investment that is going to be tax free?

In this episode, John Brackett, CEO – Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Business Partners and Host of We Build Great Apartment Communities Podcast, interviews Yonah Weiss!

Yonah Weiss is considered a powerhouse when it comes to property owner tax savings! He is not only a great professional and strategist but an expert in maximizing benefit to operators, owners, and investors! He is also the host of Weiss Advice, a podcast where people can learn from the best minds in real estate business, and ultimately succeed in life.

Tune in as Yonah shows how to not pay taxes the legal way and the amazing benefits it provides!

Episode Highlights:

  • The transition that led Yonah to building a career at helping people save money in taxes
  • What is Cost Segregation and why is it powerful?
  • The power of not paying taxes the legal way
  • The difference between accelerated depreciation and cost segregation
  • Different ways to figure assess the land value
  • How Yonah approaches an owner and operator
  • Does a brand new building have greater depreciation value than an older building?
  • The benefits of cost segregation

Where to reach Yonah Weiss

About our Guest:

Ever since Yonah was young, he has been a teacher. His grandmother used to call it “the family business”. The principle “If you know ABCs–teach ABCs” has always resonated with Yonah. It’s what drove him to teach professionally for over a decade, and it’s what continues to drive him to help people save tons of money on income tax, or invest in real estate.

Yonah takes his passion for education into everything he does. He loves to learn and stay informed, but more importantly, he shares that knowledge with everybody.

Yonah has helped hundreds of real estate investors in saving Tens of Millions of Dollars in income tax through Cost Segregation with Madison SPECS, and have been a guest on over 100 of the top real estate podcasts on the subject.

He is also the founder of #CRELinkedInChallenge and the host of the new podcast Weiss Advice, where he speaks to some of the best minds in Real Estate, Business and Beyond, to learn how you can succeed in life.

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