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Fidelity Business Partners, Inc. (FBP) was founded in 2008 by John Brackett. The company provides real estate investment, asset management, finance advisory services to accredited investors, advisors, and family offices. The company maintains its competitive advantage by operating in niche markets. 

We are passionately committed to serving our clients by helping them build wealth through value-driven multifamily real estate investments that produce reoccuring cash flow.

FBP incorporates both strategic entrepreneurial methodology as well as a solid institutional framework. Our combined experience spans over 30 years in the single family, multifamily and commercial sector.

Our focus is predicated on both calculated and strategic objectives to acquire underperforming real estate assets in US growth markets to create maximum value through renovation and repositioning. At Fidelity, we aren’t merely looking for opportunity, we are actively seeking to create it from what most simply just do not see.

Our objective is value creation and the goal is to repeat it over and over again thereby creating optimum results for our investors.

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