COVID-19 has surely changed the landscape and structure that we are used to. Investing during uncertain times definitely has its risk but it doesn’t mean you can’t put your money out there. With the help of expert advisors, investors can remain confident and on course in their investing journey!

Gain more clarity in decision making related to real-estate investing and save yourself from the stress this pandemic has brought as real estate and debt investor Mike Zlotnik and John Brackett, Host of the We Build Apartment Communities discuss how to deal with debt and equity challenges during this pandemic.

Mike is the CEO of TF Management Group LLC, a private investment fund that specializes in providing flexible short-term financing for real estate transactions, and he will shed some light on how to close deals from an operator’s point-of-view. He also talks about bridge loans as well as the qualities of a great borrower. 

If you want to invest with lower risk and learn what the most profitable multi-family investments is, then this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights:

  • Debt and equity trends during COVID-19
  • What is bridge loans
  • How to deal with a borrower
  • Qualities of a strong borrower 
  • What is Preferred equity position and Common Equity; and it’s difference 
  • Most profitable multifamily Investments

Where to reach Mike Zlotnik:

More about Mike:

Mike Zlotnik has been a debt and equity investor in real estate for since 2000.  He started his career and had spent nearly 15 years in the information technology field managing Risk, Business Intelligence and Quality of complex systems, software and processes.

While building a successful carrier in IT, Mike’s passion has always been real estate investing because of its predictability of outcome and well understood risks. In 2009, Mike joined Tempo Funding, LLC (Mortgage Pool Fund) as a managing partner, and Vice President of funding operations.

Starting from January 2014, Mike has assumed the responsibility of a CEO and has since founded TF Management Group, LLC, launching 3 new real estate investment funds, TF Investment Fund II LLC (Income Fund), Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC (Growth & Income Fund) and Tempo Growth Fund LLC (Growth Fund).

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