“Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t do it! If somebody else could do it, I could do it!” – David Toupin

When other millennials are too busy scrolling through their newsfeeds or clacking away at their pocket-sized keyboards, our guest for today strays from the common flow and proves that millennials aren’t just all about having fun but they can also be driven, passionate, and smart!

Join me in this episode as I interview a successful millennial on how he was able to achieve financial freedom at a young age!

My guest is David Toupin, a top millennial real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder, and CFO of Obsidian Capital, an Austin Texas-based real estate investment firm. He is also the CEO of Real Estate Lab where he utilizes his best-selling multifamily deal analyzer, a first-class deal analyzer that allows you to financially analyze multifamily deals faster and more effectively!

Get inspired and motivated to take action over your goals and dreams as David talks about how his real estate journey began and how he was able to reach the level of success that he has now!

Episode Highlights:

  • David talks about his first 12 unit property
  • What it means to burn the bridge behind you
  • David’s process on building connections and finding deals
  • How David was able to assemble his first 100 people
  • Finding a mentor vs. finding a partner
  • What is ‘development’ deals?
  • David’s planning process
  • David’s thoughts on present-day investing
  • How David spends his time and energy in order to create an opportunity
  • Mistakes David encountered from his past deals and the what we can all learn from it

Where to reach David Toupin:

More about David:

David Toupin is a Top Millennial real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Obsidian Capital, an Austin Texas based real estate investment firm. At the age of 20, he started investing in Michigan where he bought his first property in college, a 12 unit apartment complex. 

Prior to graduating with a Finance degree at the University of Detroit Mercy, David had acquired $7M in multifamily real estate holdings. And by the age of 24 years old, David has built a real estate portfolio as a key principal with over $50M in real estate holdings and has raised worth of $10M in capital from investors. 

He is also the creator of the best selling multifamily deal analyzer on the market with 1,000’s of downloads and active users. David also owns a software company called, Real Estate Lab which is a multifamily acquisitions and data SaaS product, set to launch in Q4 2020.

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