If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty. But with great knowledge and business plan behind the curtain, it can be a great opportunity!

Real estate investing can be overwhelming for new investors. There is so much to consider in your decision making, especially coping up with any fundamental changes in the market.

In this episode, I’m very excited to have Rob Beardsley as he shares his expertise on underwriting deals. He is the founder and principal of Lone Star Capital, a real estate investment firm focused on underperforming multifamily properties in Texas and surrounding states. He is also the author of The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions,  where he provides the tools and steps needed for any investor to confidently analyze and invest in multifamily real estate!

Start looking at deals differently as Rob shares his wisdom and acquisition experience on how he handles risk in the market, as well as his best practices on business plan execution risk, P&L, balance sheet, and his amazing analysis on how we can be compensated for our risk!

Make sure you listen through the end of this episode, as he shares his insights into business planning and how we can shape it and identify where the opportunity is!

Episode Highlights:

  • Rob shares his background about acquisitions
  • Why you should take a look at underwriting?
  • How to cope with fundamental changes that occurs in the market
  • Valuing uncertainty and income stream
  • Stabilization period
  • The profit and loss, and the balance sheet
  • Understanding what our operating cost truly looks like
  • Clash of cultures and motivations
  • The business plan execution risk
  • Rob’s thoughts on people doing business in decision-making
  • Rob’s most profitable deals and what made it profitable
  • Deals that makes sense

Know more about Rob Beardsley:

Rob Beardsley is on the acquisition side underwriting deals. He wrote about 40 different articles on underwriting on deal structure on capital markets. He is the host of the podcast that focuses on institutional investors. He also wrote a book called The Definitive Guide to underwriting multifamily.

Where to reach Rob Beardsley:

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 He is the founder and principal of a company called Lonestar capital. They’ve purchased over 100 million dollars in assets, predominantly in Texas