What does it mean to buy properties at this time of the pandemic?

Today’s property market is at a limbo because of the pandemic. The value of office properties and commercial spaces are being reviewed as more and more people move out of the city and into the suburbs or the countryside.

In today’s episode, Greg Rand, Chief Strategy Officer at Renters Warehouse and Founder of OwnAmerica, explains the outlook for the property market as the pandemic continues.

Initially, Greg created OwnAmerica for people looking to rent a single-family home. Now, he sees the market booming for this specific type of property.

Greg also discusses the importance of investing and being in the business of property management. He explains how renting out your property has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Hear what Greg has to say as he answers questions about everything that has to do with renting, buying, investing on properties, whether it’s residential or commercial, in today’s economic climate facing COVID-19.

Episode Highlights:

  • Discussion about the single-family residential market
  • The worry and anxiety within the property market due to the pandemic
  • The value of single-family homes and other properties
  • Disadvantages of renting out properties
  • Landlord-tenant relationships
  • Investing and buying properties through deals

Know more about Greg Rand:

Greg Rand is founder and CEO of OwnAmerica, a real estate technology and services company that provides rental property owners a detailed analysis of their portfolio and enables them to buy and sell properties with other owners.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Rand was managing partner at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, growing revenues more than sevenfold in seven years. He is the author of “Crash Boom!

Make a Fortune in Today’s Volatile Real Estate Market,” a primer on real estate investing after the Great Recession. In this One-to-One interview with Think Realty contributing writer Robert Springer, Rand talks about the continuing, transformative impact of technology on real estate investing.

Where to reach Greg Rand:

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