With all of the tax burden carried when you acquired a multifamily property, this is not just stressful but a money-draining thing.

To lessen this burden, I’m bringing in cost segregation expert Bill Smith to teach us how to reduce the federal tax burden when acquiring multifamily property without worrying about violating the law!

Bill is a National Sales Director for ELB Consulting, Inc., and has worked with commercial real estate owners and investors to reduce their federal tax burden and improve their cash flow for future investments.

Get your questions answered by listening to this episode as Bill shares strategic ways on how you can minimize your tax federal burden and other questions related to cost segregation! Bill also shares some insights on how this coronavirus pandemic has affected the real estate industry and how it is coping.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is cost segregation?
  • Difference between cost segregation and accelerating depreciation 
  • How the global pandemic affected cost segregation segregation trends and its effect on real estate
  • How cost segregation and tax strategies apply in real life
  • Cost segregation for older products and assets

Where to reach Bill Smith:

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