Most of us want to build wealth in a way that allows us to live the life we wanted. But where do you start and how?

In this episode, I invite you to listen to my conversation with Terry Moore, a top apartment broker, and owner of ACI Apartments, as he talks about how to build wealth and live a life worth living!

Terry is also the author of the book, Building Legacy Wealth: Top San Diego Apartment Broker Shows How to Build Wealth Through Low-Risk Investment Property and Live a Life Worth Imitating where he shares proven recipes for financial success!

Multiply your money as Terry shares business tips, and life lessons that’ll set you up for success so you can build a legacy wealth. If you’re an apartment investor or you simply want to build wealth and leave a legacy, then this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights:

  • Terry explains what his book ‘How to Build Wealth and Live a Life Worth Imitating’ is all about
  • How to make good choices
  • Why it’s better to fail than succeed at things that don’t matter
  • Terry’s definition of legacy
  • What inspired Terry to write his book
  • Important business and life lessons from the book of Proverbs
  • Why multi-family real estate?
  • Changes and shift in the real estate industry due to COVID-19
  • Terry talks about his 400 transactions
  • Top 3 qualities that Terry sees in successful multi-family real estate investors
  • Problems that Terry has solved that allowed him to create the success that he has now
  • Ways to add value to a product or enhance that investment
  • Treating your business dealings with dignity just like any other human being
  • Terry’s advice on equity financing and being a sponsor, that investors admire and respect
  • How to become the preferred buyer in the place where you lead your investors
  • How great deals are made

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