Every transaction in the world of real estate is different in its own way.

You have to embrace the challenges and uncertainties that every deal brings and believe in your own capabilities of figuring things out.

In this episode, I’m joined by Hayden Crabtree, an epitome of the principle of problem-solving. He’s a real estate investor with an interesting backstory. He was on the academic route when he stumbled upon an internship opportunity that opened his eyes to the world of real estate. Whatever life throws at him, he makes sure that he gives only his best in handling it.

Hayden loves to keep on learning and helping people. He offers a free version of his best-selling book Skip the Flip: Secrets the 1% Know About Real Estate Investing. You can get it in the form of an ebook or an audiobook by clicking this link here.

Episode Highlights:

  • His transition from academia to real estate
  • How he started out in this field
  • Why he worked for free for over a year
  • How you can add value to people you’re working with
  • Building relationships and trust
  • How to be an integral part of a team
  • Absorbing information and applying it in new ways
  • The growth process of being willing to fail and be embarrassed
  • How to handle self-doubt and self-criticism
  • Why you need to keep the vision of who you want to be
  • The valuable skill of figuring things out
  • The ability to execute amidst chaos
  • The deal that he’s currently working on
  • How to take responsibility and control of a situation
  • A recession-proof real estate investment opportunity

About Our Guest:

Hayden Crabtree is an author, entrepreneur, and a real estate investor.

He obtained his Business Administration degree at Terry College of Business.

He was a principal at Fort Knox Storage Units for almost four years. He’s also a Self Storage Asset Acquisition Director of Tucker Capital Group since 2016.

Hayden released his book Skip the Flip: Secrets the 1% Know About Real Estate Investing in April 2020.

Connect with Hayden:

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