Property owners need to consider many factors when scaling their business.

One skill, in particular, that is guaranteed to bring the highest potential of success is having outstanding management skills.

In this episode, Stuart Gethner, a seasoned real estate investor and the CEO of Gethner Education, Coaching & Consulting, teaches important management lessons that every homeowner must know.

If you want to learn the traits of a great manager, why you should communicate with every person in your team differently, and other noteworthy investment and real estate tips, then you should not miss this episode!

Episode Highlights:

  • His career transition from pharmacy owner to real estate investor
  • Lessons he learned in his pharmacy business that he applied to real estate
  • An interesting experience he had with an elderly tenant
  • How to manage your own expectations and of the people you’re working with
  • Respect: A key trait for effective managers
  • Why you should manage people differently
  • Cash vs. Cashflow and which one increases wealth
  • Understanding the long-term vs. short-term rewards in real estate
  • Wealth-building strategies on investing and managing money
  • The mindset shift that people have to go through in investing
  • Advice: Should pay off your debt or invest your money instead?
  • Why apartment communities are easier to scale than other properties
  • Leveraging wholesale and discounted appliances for more cashflow
  • Adjustments he had to make during the pandemic

About Our Guest:

Stuart Gethner has invested over 10 million dollars in land opportunities, commercial properties, single-family residences, industrial complex, and hard-money lending transactions.  

With his resounding success in real estate, Stuart actually has a very unique background.

He is a registered pharmacist and earned a degree in the field of pharmacology. He is also the owner of three profitable pharmacies.

Today, he applies the people skills and money management lessons he has learned in his pharmacy world to his real estate business.

His passion for real estate started early in his life. As a young boy, he was fascinated with television infomercials teaching audiences how to purchase properties with no downpayment.

Currently, he is the president of Phelps Capital & Consulting Inc, Managing Partner of Dobson Real Property Management, author of the international bestseller book “No Agent Needed”, and a contributing editor for Real Estate Agent Magazine.

He is also a senior professor at the Commercial Real Estate Institute educating roughly 10,000 students, an instructor at the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association for over 15 years, and has 12 online courses at the National Real Estate Investor Association.

Connect with Stuart:

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