The cable and internet industry is flourishing in the midst of the global pandemic. As a property owner, how can you leverage these services to generate more income? 

With the growing demand for these services, providing them to your tenants gives added value to your property, provides a competitive advantage, and has the potential to boost your profits.

In this episode, Kevin Gardner, veteran in the space of Telecommunications Access Agreements and president of Multifamily Utility Solutions shares his invaluable knowledge on the matter.

If you want to learn exactly how you can utilize cable and internet services as revenue-generating streams, then this episode is a must for you!

Episode Highlights:

  • Why providing cable & internet services to your tenants is the future
  • The two types of agreements for property owners and cable companies
  • The upside and risks of each type of agreement
  • Average term and discount of cable and internet companies
  • What to do when cable and internet is installed without permission
  • How adding value to your tenants improves retention
  • How quality service turns into referral and free advertising
  • Discerning if your tenants fit this type of amenity
  • Traits of successful property or apartment owners

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