Lender requirements have tightened due to the coronavirus epidemic.  With the existing financial challenges encountered during this time, this adds even more constraints on people’s ability to afford loans.

On the bright side, syndication offers a promising alternative. It’s a legal and effective means of raising capital without the need for traditional lenders. 

In this episode, Nic McGrue, founding attorney of Polymath Legal, shares his expertise on this subject. He is passionate about real estate and provides a legal standpoint on the matter.

If you want to know how to get started with syndication, its advantages during the pandemic and other insightful real estate advice, you should definitely listen to this episode!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Nick started with syndication
  • His first projects and lessons learned
  • How to use syndication to raise capital
  • Why syndication is a great alternative to lending
  • Sub-syndication: What it is and how you can use it
  • Priceless tips on how to qualify operators
  • Important traits that make active investors
  • The value of building relationships in real estate
  • Key qualities of successful investors

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