Teams are the bread and butter of real estate. With the potential of working with them for years, have to be careful with your selection process.

You need to find people with whom you connect with, have the right type of skills, and those who can keep you in check. 

In this episode, Jens Nielsen, principal of Open Doors Capital, joins us. He has a very unique background and is always excited about coaching other people. He also provides his valuable advice regarding mindset, getting started in real estate, and many more. 

If you want to build better teams, please your investors, and improve management processes, then you’ll find tons of benefits in this episode!

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of proper mindset in business
  • Essential traits to look for in building teams
  • How to get rid of your blind spots
  • How to build confidence in your team
  • The benefits of networking 
  • Why you should allow yourself to evolve in your career
  • How to find your calling and start going after your dreams
  • The necessity of taking action 
  • Key elements in selecting a property
  • How to keep investors happy and hooked
  • The pros and cons of playing the long game in real estate
  • How to present a good story of the property to investors
  • The perks of owning your own business
  • The challenges of evaluating and managing assets
  • Using Google Street View to scope a property
  • Invaluable tips in financing your project
  • Incorporating technology in team management
  • Why you need to learn offloading and outsourcing 

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