Choosing the most effective property that will suit your needs is not an easy feat especially when we are talking about the Houston marketplace.

There are many pitfalls and unexpected problems in real estate investing and today’s episode will help us navigate the ins and outs of real estate in the Houston market place. 

Joining us in this episode is Lester Langdon. He is an investor, broker and owner of Hostonious. He is the host of the Hostonious podcast where he addresses the unusual problems related to Houston real estate investing.

If you’re planning to move to Houston then make sure you listen to this episode as Lester drops everything you need to know when it comes to apartment investing in Houston!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Lester got into the business of real estate investing
  • The changes in the real estate industry over the last 10 years
  • Managing property assets
  • What is access gates
  • How Lester counsels sellers
  • Tips on how Lester invest his money on real estate

Where to reach Lester Langdon:

Resources Mentioned:

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