The most priceless investment you can make in your life is you! Investing in yourself is one of the best ROI you’d ever have. Investing in yourself is the same as investing in your family!

Join me in this first episode of the WBGAC podcast as I talk to Orlando Javien about the only investment that is guaranteed to give you life long returns!

Orlando Javien Jr. is a bookkeeper, tax preparer, and domestic engineer by day and religious education teacher, author, and inspirational speaker by night.

He wrote the life-changing book God Moments: Why God Made Me Pick Up Underwear and Other Stories of Faith and Unplugged: How to Disconnect and Find Peace in a Noisy World, where he shares his struggles and success to encourage and help others live a purposeful life.

In this conversation, Orlando shares his powerful journey of faith and transformation. He also talks about how struggles in his marriage turned him to be a better husband. 

Change the way you look at life as Orlando shares powerful stories to help you become the better you! Learn what it means to lead yourself, family, and others and how you can create habits to help you grow and have a positive impact on others and the world!

Episode Highlights:

  • Orlando’s journey of faith and work
  • Orlando discusses his works, God Moments and Unplugged
  • Mistakes that helped Orlando become the person he is now
  • How Orlando is leading his family and how he is setting an example to his kids
  • Leading your household and becoming a better leader for your family
  • Stories from God Moments that can you become the better version of yourself
  • Tactics and habits for transformation
  • Biggest lessons Orlando learned that can help further your own growth and investments with your family and yourself
  • Becoming a God moment to somebody to help them discover

Where to reach Orlando:

Resources Mentioned:

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