Having a brand helps deliver your message to your audience. It’s the who, what, how, why, and where of any company. When done right, it can help set your business apart from your competitors and attract ideal clients and investors.

With proper marketing, you can bring your brand to a whole new level and bring in more opportunities for yourself and your business.

Learn how you can build a brand as John Brackett interviews John Casmon, the host of Target Market Insights podcast!

John is a Real Estate Entrepreneur and an expert in marketing. After realizing the value of real estate in helping him take control over his finances, he left his corporate 9 to 5 and dived into real estate. Now, he has integrated his marketing skills and expertise into his real estate brand in order to help busy professionals create wealth and passive income through multifamily investments!

Leverage your business today as John talks about branding, raising capital, why it’s relevant to your business, and how to attract great investors through your brand!

Episode Highlights:

  • How John got into the field of marketing and why he shifted to real estate
  • How took control over his future (career, finances, and business)
  • John’s takeaway from the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Becoming a better marketer
  • The value and power of constantly developing your skillset
  • How and why branding is relevant to the real estate investing
  • Debunking misconceptions about branding
  • The 3 C’s to raising capital and building relationships
  • Using branding to attract great investors
  • How to become an effective marketer
  • How to create a brand that communicates who you are

Where to reach John

About our Guest:

John Casmon launched Casmon Capital Group to help busy professionals invest in real estate without taking on a second job. He and his team have helped families invest close to $90M in multifamily apartments to create passive income and generational wealth. 

John hosts the Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing podcast and is the co-founder of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit. As a former marketing executive, John oversaw marketing campaigns for General Motors, PepsiCo, and MillerCoors.

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