One of the common mistakes people in the rental property business make is not knowing what market to commit and focus on. After all, you as an entrepreneur and investor should thoroughly understand your product.

Today’s episode is about a successful real estate millionaire who has built a niche in the multifamily space, particularly in the Boston area.

Join John Brackett and Willie Mandrell for another great episode packed with lessons and strategies that’ll allow you to scale and leverage your business!

Willie Mandrell is a self-made multi-millionaire real estate investor, broker, coach, lecturer & author! And he is going to talk about his real estate journey, how you can build a profitable rental portfolio that’ll allow you to achieve financial freedom!

Create your own path as Willie shares his expertise and experience on the beauty of niching down plus some dealmaking skills, I’m sure you don’t want to miss!

Episode Highlights:

  • What inspired Willie to go into real estate?
  • Financial freedom is different than what they teach you in school
  • Going the opposite direction of masses
  • Understanding economic cycles
  • The greatest lesson that Willi learned inside and outside of academia
  • Spend less time talking about yourself and more time on asking questions, and follow-ups
  • Why your ego is your greatest enemy
  • Sourcing and closing
  • Treat your company like a company
  • Leverage, network, and build relationships with like-minded people who wants the best for you and your business
  • Construction, an area of complexity with a lot of opportunities

Connect with Willie:

About Our Guest:

As a buyer, seller, and broker he’s been involved with well over 200 million in real estate transactions. He has been featured in numerous trade magazines and he is a frequent guest on real estate and wealth-related podcast, television, & radios shows across the US. Willie is the author of Cash Flow Secrets, a book on real estate investing & finance tips most people are never taught but need to know.

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