If you’re an entrepreneur, one way that you can get yourself in trouble is simply by not dealing with the reality in front of you and neglecting the fact that you need to take action.

Join John Brackett, CEO – Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Business Partners and Host of We Build Great Apartment Communities Podcast on this episode as he interviews Rama Gupta!

Rama started his career in insurance and risk management as a client executive at Catholic Insurance Group. Now he owns and manages 10 single-family homes and two duplexes. Which gives access to his valuable insights in both the field of investing and in the field of real estate management. 

In this episode, they’re going to discuss the importance of understanding and recognizing risks, especially when acquiring real estate properties.

Indulge yourself in the diverse lessons Rama has acquired along his journey from a career in finance into turning his gravely neglected real estate inheritance into a diamond of a business!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Rama started his journey from medicine to mitigating risks in real estate
  • Why learning is an important element in the real estate industry
  • How multifamily real estate became Rama’s core competency
  • What Rama learned after acquiring his late father’s real estate business
  • Rama’s challenges and success stories
  • The greatest lesson for operators and investors 
  • Why multifamily is an attractive asset class
  • The risks that operators should be considering at every acquisition of apartment buildings
  • Using insurance to mitigate risk
  • Changes and trends in the insurance world as a result of COVID-19 
  • What goes into cementing relationships with carriers to get better service or better consideration than other firms would

Resources Mentioned:

About Our Guest:

Rama Gupta primarily works with companies in real estate, some in construction and others in development and manufacturing. He graduated with a Medical Degree at the University of Michigan before starting his career in insurance and risk management, while owning properties that he has turned into businesses.

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